Announcement – CATS – Appointments and Cast

After a huge few days of auditions, we're thrilled to announce the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS. We are very excited to start soon working with these fabulously talented people.

Artistic Team Appointments
Director                                  Jordan Kelly
Musical Director                   Alexander Unikowski
Choreographer                     Caitlin Schilg
Asst. Musical Director          Darcy Kinsella

Thank you to everyone who took the time to audition - with so many amazingly talented people auditioning, it was a very hard decision for the creative team, and we're sorry we couldn't include you all.

If you would like to be involved in an off-stage role (crew, set building, painting, ushering, assisting with costumes, etc.), please contact us via  with your areas of interest and skills (if applicable). We'll also call for volunteers at various times through our Facebook group, Friends of Philo.

Grizabella                         Renay Turbett
Old Deuteronomy           Paul Sweeney
Munkustrap                     TBC
Bombalurina (Trio)          Jessica Gowing
Demeter (Trio)                 Samantha Marceddo
Electra (Trio)                    Kara Murphy
Rum Tum Tugger            Garrett Kelly
Mr Mistoffelees/Quaxo  Joshua Walsh
Asparagus “Gus”             TBC
Jellylorum                         Angela Sullivan
Jennyanydots                   Anne Macleod
Bustopher Jones             David ‘Dogbox’ Cannell
Mungojerrie                     Jeremy Chan
Rumpleteazer                  Silvana Moro
Skimbleshanks                Lachlan Brayshaw
Victoria                             Daniela Oddi
Jemima                             Brittany Lewis
Macavity                           David Santolin

Abigail Dunn                     Trio understudy
Alana Beaton                    Victoria understudy
Amelia Juniper-Gray        Mungojerrie/Rumpleteazer understudy
Ashleigh Maynard
Daniel Isherwood
Demi Smith
Ella Kuschel                      Jemima understudy
Emma Sollis                     Mr Mistofolees understudy
Georgie Galvin
Gobbo Gorring                Rumpus Cat
Jane Faulder
Jill Young
Kara Sellars                      Jennyanydots understudy
Katelynne Larkin
Kelda McManus
Kirrily Cornwell                Grizabella understudy
Lara Niven
Paris Ellis
Shelby Holland                Jellylorum understudy
Tadhg Loadsman            Rum Tum Tugger understudy
Tahlia Holmes

Ashleigh Harris
Barbara Murotake
Luke Lamb
Remus Douglas
Sarah Jackson

Production Team Appointments
Production Manager              Jennie Gibson
Production Assistant              Luke Lamb
Costumes Manager                Pip Muller
Stage Manager                        Joel Edmondson
Asst. Stage Manager              Daniel Jones


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