Our Vision for ‘The Hut’

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Early this year, Philo volunteers are working hard to convert The Hut into a rehearsal space in time for our production of Cabaret (rehearsals commence March 29).

'The Hut' is a property in Fyshwick which Philo owns and uses to house theatre sets, set construction materials and costumes. In the not too distant past, the costume facility operated as a retail business, hiring costumes to other theatre groups, schools, and the general public.

Of late however, The Hut has tended to be used less frequently. During production periods, Philo members and volunteer construct sets for Philo productions, and the cast and production crew raid the costume shed. During bump out after a show (in the early hours of the morning), the cast and crew hastily stack and pile materials in The Hut, eager to head to the after-party. The hut is left vacant until the next production cycle begins again, and as a consequence, The Hut and its contents are not in the state one might prefer.

By converting a portion of The Hut into a rehearsal space, we hope to:

  1. Make better use of existing Philo assets - i.e., 'The Hut' and its contents.
  2. Reduce operating costs by no longer hiring external venues for rehearsals.
  3. Improve access to set and costumes during rehearsals

Our slightly less tangible vision is to use the improved facilities at The Hut to centre and grow the Philo community. We hope that this contributes to improved maintenance and upkeep of The Hut due to increased presence and awareness, as well as enabling better communication between cast, production team, committee and volunteers.

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome…

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Welcome to the Philo Backstage Blog! We've started this blog to keep Philo members, friends and the Canberra community up-to-date with our latest news, events and developments throughout 2013.

Why now, you ask? Well, this year (in addition to our theatre productions) the Philo committee is coordinating a lot of 'home improvement' work behind the scenes. Central to this is a major project to renovate our set & costume construction facility in Fyshwick, affectionately known as 'The Hut'.

For our volunteers - we'd like this blog to celebrate your commitment and achievements this year. For our members not yet directly involved - we'd like to inspire as many of you as possible to get involved throughout this year and put Philo in the healthiest position possible.

For the wider community, we hope this helps to give an appreciation of the work involved in keeping Philo running and putting on high quality productions. We hope you can support us by attending our performances throughout the year. If you'd like to volunteer to help out behind the scenes, please get in touch with us via .