Cast Announcement – BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

After a huge few days of auditions, we're thrilled to announce the cast of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. We are very excited to soon start working with these fabulous people. Thanks to everyone who took the time to audition - it was a very competitive process and we're sorry we couldn't include all of you.

If you would like to be involved in an off-stage role (crew, set building, painting, ushering, assisting with costumes, etc.), please contact us via  with your interest and skills (if applicable). We'll also be putting out calls for volunteers at various times through our Facebook group Friends of Philo.

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Belle - Charlotte Gearside

Beast - Lachlan McGinness

Gaston - Liam Jones

Lefou - Glenn Brighenti

Lumiere - Pip Carroll

Cogsworth - Meaghan Stewart

Mrs Potts - Tina Robinson

Chip - Gabriella Heron & Annabelle Moloney

Madame de la Grande Bouche - Jacqueline McIntyre

Babette - Sarah Bevan

Maurice - Pat Gallagher

Monsieur D'Arque - John Potter

Ensemble and Supporting Roles

Katherine Berry
Heather Bull
Elizabeth Caddy
India Cornwell
Jessica Downing
Sophia Graham
Kellee-Rose Hand
Chelsea Heaney
Emily Hunter
Katy Larkin
Brittany Lewis
Eryn Marshall
Sophia Marzino
Emily Mullamphy
Hannah Pengilly
Emily Pogson
Anna Rafferty
Fionn Stagg
Rachel Thornton
Kate Tricks
Seb Winter

Cam Allen
Marli Haddell
Zach Johnson
Michael Jordan
Jake Keen
Darcey Kinsella
Bailey Lutton
Ethan Plenty
Jason Sarossy
Angus Saunders
Ash Syme
Amos Walker
Mark Zatschler

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