Cast of Anything Goes

We are very excited to soon be setting off to sea with this fabulous cast. A big thanks to everyone who took the time to audition. We were very impressed by the overall standard.

If you would like to be involved in Anything Goes in an off-stage role (crew, set building, painting, assisting with costumes, etc.), please contact us via .


Reno: Kelly Roberts

Hope: Amelia Juniper-Grey

Billy: Marcus Hurley

Moonface Martin: Ian Croker

Erma: Emma McCormack

Lord Oakleigh: Jonathan Rush

Eli Whitney: Steven Galinec

Mrs Harcourt: Anita Davenport



Riley Gill - Angel

Samantha Marceddo - Angel

Esther Ramsay - Angel

Demi Smith - Angel

Kate Tricks

Jess Waterhouse

Katherine Berry

Colette Neumann

Adele Haussmann

Nina Wood

Jadziah Oakes

Jess Thomas

Lexie Gorman

Rhiannon De Marghereti

Jenny Watson - Luke

Sarah Aston

Anne Macleod

Madelyn White

Alan Moxey - Ships Captain

Samuel Thompson - Ships Purser

Jake Willis - Quartet

Rhys Madigan - Quartet

Peter Karmel - Quartet

Ash Syme

Jason Sarossy - John

Erwin Jungen

Alex Thorpe

John Potter

Ben Wilson

Simon Rutledge

Andrew Macmillan

Production Team

Director: Martyn King

Music Director: Jim McMullen

Choreographer: Emma Tattam

Production Managers: Mick Andrews, Jill McMullen

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