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Wardrobe Sale

As part of our renovation and clean up work, we are sorting through our wardrobe collection and identifying those items which are excess to requirements. You can help us out by attending our costume sale! Items on sale will include costumes, vintage style clothes, military uniforms*, shoes, hats, and even wedding dresses.

Where?       At the Wardrobe, 18 Collie Street Fyshwick ACT

When?        Saturday, 12 April 2014 10am – 4pm

Payments in cash only. ATMs are available nearby. Please contact with any queries. 


March 1 and 2

Great progress this weekend on laying down all the floorboards, and completing door installations to the adjoining spaces. Next weekend we'll be out again, sealing the floor and affixing the oak skirting board we got here, amongst other things.

Thanks everyone who was able to come out and help. If you’re able to spare some time next weekend, get in touch with us via


We've been having some drainage issues, with water seeping into the costume room during last Tuesday's heavy rains. To investigate and fix required access to the far side of the block. One large blackberry thicket stood in our way.

After many scratches, two trailer loads of rubbish and one broken pair of hedge clippers, we made it through to the other side. We don't think anyone has visited that side of the block for 20 years.

Blackberry removal

February 22 and 23

Update and photos from this weekend. Thanks everyone who was able to come out and help. If you’re able to spare some time next weekend, get in touch with us via

Work Completed

  • Completed installation of new fluorescent lights. Old lights removed
  • Removed blackberry from southern end of block
  • Removed dirt and weeds from drainage area along eastern side
  • Cut and glued floor joists
  • Laid first few floorboards
  • Finished painting walls
  • Cleared more space in costume room

Work for next week

  • Finish flooring
  • Fix guttering
  • Continue to make space in costume room

Cast of Cabaret 2014

Philo is proud to announce our fabulous cast for Cabaret 2014.

Principal Roles

Emcee: Angel Dolejsi
Sally Bowles: Kelly Roberts
Cliff Bradshaw: Matt Chardon O’Dea
Frauline Schneider: Ros Engledow
Herr Schultz: Ian Croker
Ernst Ludwig: Dave Smith
Frauline Kost: Kitty McGarry


Emily Appleton
Hannah Carey
Beth Deer
Adele Haussmann
Kirsten Haussmann
Amelia Juniper-Grey
Hannah McFadden
Carly Savona
Emma Tattam
Fiona Tregoning

Ian Bartlett
Nick Beecher
Hayden Crosweller
Peter Karmel
Rhys Madigan
John Potter
David Shannon
Ben Trabinger
Jake Willis

February 18-19

A huge weekend out at The Hut and some really good progress made. Thanks to everyone who was able to come along and help.

Work completed this weekend:

  • Finally finished the plastering! Covered all walls with at least one coat of paint.
  • Deconstructed the towers from Les Mis set
  • Filled a HUGE rubbish skip to the brim
  • Removed blackberry from northern corner of block.

Work started but not finished:

  • Removed most rubbish from yard
  • Initial drainage inspection and gutter clean
  • Installation of new fluorescent lights

New work planned for next weekend:

  • Finish painting walls
  • Start installing flooring
  • Remove blackberry bush (southern fence)

If you're able to spend some time helping Philo next weekend, get in touch with us via

Flickr Photostream

This year we're making an effort to collect more photos. You can follow them as they come in below & see more on our Flickr page.

Early Progress

Over the past three weekends, Philo volunteers (committee, members, & friends) have been working hard to get the rehearsal space ready. So far, we've:

  • Cleared out the costume ante-room and the carpenter's workshop
  • Removed the dividing wall between these spaces
  • Hung a new set of doors
  • Added insulation and plasterboard to the walls

Still to come in following weekends:

  • Finishing plastering, then paint the walls
  • Lay down a floor

In parallel to these activities, there's also a major cleanup happening in the costume space. Further details to follow.

You can follow our progress in photos via our Flickr account. Of course, we'd always love more help - if you have some spare time to contribute, get in touch with us via .

Checking that the door fits

Planning the Rehearsal Space

Creating a rehearsal space at The Hut will involve clearing the existing space in the middle shed (including a dividing wall), insulating, replastering and installing a floor.

The plans below (thanks to Pete Karmel) show the planned rehearsal space (centre) with the costume area to the left. The demountable to the right is filled with many curious items - we hope to one day clear these and create an office space.

Hut Plan - Front View

Hut Plan - Top View

Our Vision for ‘The Hut’

Early this year, Philo volunteers are working hard to convert The Hut into a rehearsal space in time for our production of Cabaret (rehearsals commence March 29).

'The Hut' is a property in Fyshwick which Philo owns and uses to house theatre sets, set construction materials and costumes. In the not too distant past, the costume facility operated as a retail business, hiring costumes to other theatre groups, schools, and the general public.

Of late however, The Hut has tended to be used less frequently. During production periods, Philo members and volunteer construct sets for Philo productions, and the cast and production crew raid the costume shed. During bump out after a show (in the early hours of the morning), the cast and crew hastily stack and pile materials in The Hut, eager to head to the after-party. The hut is left vacant until the next production cycle begins again, and as a consequence, The Hut and its contents are not in the state one might prefer.

By converting a portion of The Hut into a rehearsal space, we hope to:

  1. Make better use of existing Philo assets - i.e., 'The Hut' and its contents.
  2. Reduce operating costs by no longer hiring external venues for rehearsals.
  3. Improve access to set and costumes during rehearsals

Our slightly less tangible vision is to use the improved facilities at The Hut to centre and grow the Philo community. We hope that this contributes to improved maintenance and upkeep of The Hut due to increased presence and awareness, as well as enabling better communication between cast, production team, committee and volunteers.