Cabaret - Company


Our members contribute to all aspects of our productions, in both on-stage and off-stage roles. This includes acting, dancing, singing, costume design, set design and build, selling tickets, ushering patrons and more.

If you are interested in joining, we suggest you sign up to all of our mailing list categories. We send regular updates to these lists and it's the best way to find out what's happening and how you can contribute. Our Facebook group and Facebook page are also updated regularly.

We are always looking for people to assist with set assembly, painting and decorating. This do not require any prior experience - you will be instructed by more experienced members. It's a great way to learn what's involved, meet other Philo members, and it does not require an ongoing time commitment.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at . Let us know what you're interested in and if you have any particular skills you would like put to use.

If you do become involved on or off stage, we will need you to become a member of the society for insurance reasons. Membership registration is now available online.

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