March 23 Update

It's been a while since our last post here on the renovation progress but work has nonetheless been underway. We've had helpers out on Sat March 9, Sat/Sun March 15-16 and this past weekend March 23-24.

Work completed since the last update:

  • The rehearsal room floor is complete - cracks sanded and varnish applied.
  • Gutters have been reattached and rejoined. Drainage issues fixed, fingers crossed.
  • Doors painted.
  • New wall separating kitchen/foyer from costume space - completed with paint and new sliding door.
  • Covered leaking demountable roof with tarp
  • Poisoned blackberry regrowth
  • Scrap metal stacked into skip, ready for collection along with old trailer and the car from Grease.
  • Costume sorting continues - both making space for the foyer/kitchen and sorting surplus items for the sale.

Look forward to officially opening the rehearsal room at our AGM on Wednesday.

March 22-23

March 15-16

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