President:                Grant Pegg
Vice President:       Nathan Patrech
Treasurer:                Jason MacKenzie
Secretary:                Anne MacLeod

General Members

Charlotte Gearside
Jono Rush
Alexander Unikowski

What does the Committee do?

The committee has the responsibility to ensure that Philo complies with obligations under the Associations Act, in its rules and other legal responsibilities:

  • to members, volunteers, and patrons
  • complying with relevant employment awards or agreements, taxation, superannuation and occupational health and safety
  • to comply with any other relevant laws or regulations; and
  • under funding agreements or contracts.

The committee is also responsible for the association’s financial management ensuring:

  • compliance with the financial record keeping and reporting requirements
  • the association can pay all its expenses as they fall due
  • appropriate insurance cover is in place where required
  • the accounts are reviewed or audited where required under the Act, by the rules or members or for funding agreements, and
  • good risk management procedures are in place such as a requirement for payments to be authorised by two unrelated committee members.

Other areas of responsibility include volunteer support, development and implementation of policies and procedures and provision of quality services to members and patrons.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is for current financial members only.

Annual General Meetings are generally held from March to May. The exact date will be communicated to members 14 days in advance.

The Notice of the AGM is posted to Philo's official social media accounts, advertised on the home page of the Philo website and by email to current financial members.

Any financial member can be nominated to stand for a position on the committee.


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