Philo's next production will be a Musical Extravaganza, celebrating our 70th anniversary.
This season will be performed at the Erindale Theatre in August and September 2022.

Artistic Team

Director: Berin Denham
Musical Director: Leisa Keen
Choreographers: Emma Nikolic and Madelyn White

Important Dates

Auditions: 11 to 14 May 2022. New Date: Monday 23rd May
Rehearsals: Commence 23 May 2022 (Monday and Wednesday evening and Sunday's)
Performances: 18 August to 3 September 2022

About the Show

This is not like a standard "book" show. There is no formal script to follow, and no pre-determined characters to portray.

Philo's 70th Anniversary Musical Extravaganza will be presented in two acts, each opening and closing with a large son and dance number. The rest of the show will be made up of various scenes, songs and dances drawn from Philo's past productions.

Which scenes, song and dances? That's largely up to you!

The Artistic Team will be selecting which numbers to include, based partly on the genres and styles of past shows, but also based on the talents and skill sets of the cast. In some cases, members of past productions may be asked to re-enact their roles, but we're also keen to hear if there is a particular song or dance that you have always wanted to perform.

Cast Breakdown

Performers will mostly fall into one of two main categories:

  • The Dance Ensemble is for those who have dance training and/or experience. Our Choreographers are putting together a showcase of well-known dances, covering a range of styles from Philo's history.
  • Our Featured Singers are those cast members who maybe don't dance so well (or not so well anymore) but can knock out an amazing tune. There are plenty of opportunities to shine, as we'll be including a range of solo's, duets, trios, quartets, ballads, patter songs.... basically a bit of everything

Of course, there's noting to stop people from dancing in the ensemble AND delivering a solo. The two groups are not mutually exclusive!

We're creating an inclusive ensemble cast. There are no requirements for particular looks, ages, vocal ranges, etc. What we are looking for is experienced performers who can sing, dance, or preferably both!

NOTE: It is not a requirement that you have previously appeared in a Philo show.

About the Auditions

Location: The Philo Hut, 18 Collie Street, Fyshwick
Date: 11 and 12 May (Dance Ensemble), 13 and 14 May (Featured Singers)

NEW DATE: MONDAY 23rd May 7:30pm

Dance Ensemble

Group dance auditions will be on the Wednesday or Thursday evening. Each group will learn a short, choreographed routine.

Ensure you wear appropriate footwear (dance shoes or runners) and something comfortable you can move in. (No thongs, sandals, high-heels, jeans or restrictive skirts/dresses.)

If you have specialised dance experience (eg tap), please advise us when submitting your booking and bring any footwear required to demonstrate your skills.

Your dance audition will last about 45 minutes. You will also be required to attend a short singing audition on May 13 or 14.

Featured Singers

Individual singing auditions will be on the Friday evening or during the day on Saturday. Please select a song from one of Philo's past productions and be prepared to sing a verse and a chorus.

If you bring sheet music, please ensure it is in the correct key. There will be an accompanist at the audition, however, you may bring your own accompanist if you wish. Backing tracks are acceptable as long as they are exactly that - a backing track - we only want to hear your voice. (No CDs please - an aux cord and speaker will be available for use).

Singing unaccompanied is not acceptable.

Be aware that you may not get to sing your entire prepared piece. If the audition panel feels they have heard enough to determine your vocal quality, they may stop you before you finish your song. This is regular practice and should not be taken as an indicator of whether you will or will not be cast.

You will also be required to do a short dance/movement audition shortly after your singing audition. Please dress appropriately and allow up to an hour to complete both singing and dancing.

Important Notes for all Auditionees

  • Audition time is strictly limited, so use your time to show the panel what you can do. No extra time will be available.
  • Audition pieces should be well prepared. Remember, it is in your own interests to present yourself well.
  • All auditions are private and may only be attended by the panel and auditionees.
  • If you are unwell, or can't attend your audition for any reason, please contact
  • And most of all...enjoy it!!! This is your moment to shine!

Please note that Canberra Philharmonic Society reserves the right, as its sole and absolute discretion, to not cast any role from these auditions if, in the opinion of the Audition Panel, the right person for the role is not found. In this event, the Society may pursue other means to fill a vacant role. 

** Philo will take all precautionary steps to minimise the spread of COVID-19, including observing social distancing practices during auditions. If you are unable to audition due to self-isolation, please contact and we will discuss alternate arrangements. If the situation changes, Philo will make the necessary decisions and announcements.

Audition Pack

The audition Pack is available here.

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